The New Connected Business

Solutions that harness the power of the cloud

Research indicates that cloud-oriented businesses significantly outperform their competitors.
This drives more revenue, higher profit, and faster growth.

Winning Strategy

iConnectUS PRO has a proven track record of
helping companies bring their enterprise into the
cloud using the powerful Microsoft Azure platform.

What is the cloud?

An approach to computing that's about internet scale and connecting to a variety of devices and endpoints.

Planned Performance

The critical first step in any project is to develop a deep understanding our clients' business challenges.
Once we have a comprehensive knowledge of our clients' needs and goals, we're able to create highly
effective solutions that have long-term impact on the business.

Tradition of Excellence

Our goal is to understand your business challenges and
create customized services tailored to meet your needs...
delivered on time, every time.


iConnectUS Pro is comprised of a team of highly talented and experienced professionals capable of
providing our clients with high-quality services tailored to meet their specific requirements. Professional
services delivered on time, every time.

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Taking the time to listen to our clients early in the project lifecycle is something that sets iConnectUS Pro apart from other solutions providers. Contact us today for a free consultation, or complete our Project Assessment form.